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Diabetes and pregnancy clinical guideline published

A new guideline covering the management of glycaemic control in pregnant women with diabetes has been released.

The Joint British Diabetes Societies for Inpatient Care (JBDS–IP) has published the document to support existing processes in acute trusts providing care to pregnant women with diabetes admitted to hospital. To read more, click here

'Successful' hypo pilot in Cornwall to be extended

A successful pilot developed by a hospital to improve patient outcomes following hypoglycaemia has secured further funding and is to be rolled out elsewhere.

The Hypoglycaemia Care Label Pilot was initially created by the Cornwall Foundation Trust Partnership Diabetes Specialist Nurse Inpatient team who provide an inreach service to the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust. To read more, click here

SGLT2 inhibitors can work within two hours, researchers claim

SGLT2 inhibitors lower blood glucose from just two hours after the first dose, new research has found.

The study, produced by Japanese researchers and published in Diabetology and Metabolic Syndrome, also found the class of drug used to treat type 2 diabetes can improve blood glucose variation within a week of treatment getting underway.

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Visitors to experience hypo effects at diabetes conference

Healthcare professionals will get a chance to experience what hypoglycaemia feels like at a major diabetes conference.

The Hypo Hub, which has been organised by Novo Nordisk, will be part of Diabetes Professional Care 2017 (DPC2017) taking place in November.

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Diabetes.co.uk improves knowledge as forum reaches milestone

Seven out of 10 members of a leading diabetes forum improve their knowledge of the condition within six months of joining the online community, according to a survey.

Arjun Panesar, chief executive officer of Diabetes.co.uk, revealed the statistic after the diabetes community forum reached the milestone of 250,000 members, representing about six per cent of the UK’s four million diabetes population.

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