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13 December 2017

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In this Gambits:

  • Regional engagement survey – tell us what you think
  • New venue assessment information published on website
  • Cash-In-Ticket-Out venue licences for class 4 venues

Regional engagement survey – tell us what you think

Several Department projects and initiatives have benefited from direct engagement with the class 4 sector over recent months. These have included forums and workshops on issues relevant to venues and clubs, which have been well received and helped us to work more closely with stakeholders to lift performance across the sector.

We’ve had a number of requests to undertake similar engagement in regional centres and are planning a series of regional workshops in February 2018. These workshops will be aimed at the regional gambling network (venue and club managers, society reps, minimising gambling harm providers and local councils). We would like to use these workshops to provide information and training as well as continuing to collaborate on current initiatives and emerging issues.

We would like to hear from you to help us plan these workshops. Please complete this short (less than two minutes) survey to let us know where you would like the Department to visit, and which topics would be the most useful for us to cover.  Your feedback is appreciated and helps us to work together and continue developing a culture of care in gaming venues.

New venue assessment information published on website

As mentioned in Gambits 17 November Department inspectors are now implementing the new approach to venue assessments in class 4 non-club venues.

Inspectors will be assessing how venues are performing in three key areas:

  1. The integrity of the gaming machine operation and equipment is ensured.
  2. Venue management understand their legal responsibilities and have procedures in place to prevent and minimise the risk of gambling harm.
  3. Venue management and staff perform their roles effectively, including recognising and responding appropriately to signs of potential gambling harm.

Useful information and guidance for these assessments have been published on our website. This consists of:

  • Guidance for venue managers
    This includes information for venue managers and staff so they know what to expect before, during, and after the new assessments. 
  • The outcomes framework
    This lists the outcomes inspectors will be assessing venues against.
  • Expectations of a well-performing venue
    This demonstrates what we would expect to see in a venue that is performing well when it is assessed against the outcomes.
  • Guide for inspectors
    This is a reference guide for inspectors conducting the interviews. It provides an outline of some suggested questions an inspector may ask during an assessment.

If you have any further questions please contact your society liaison inspector.

Cash-In-Ticket-Out venue licences for class 4 venues

Cash-In-Ticket-Out (CITO) technology has been approved for use in class 4 venues. In order to introduce CITO technology and/or stand-alone kiosks in a class 4 venue an application to amend a venue licence must be completed. This is done through the GC4A (Class 4 Venue Licence Amendment and Non-Key Person Notification) form. The information that must be included is:

  • Serial number and model approval number of CITO and/or cash redemption terminal
  • Evidence of ownership of equipment

An updated class 4 licence will include details of the CITO system listed under the Additional Equipment and/or System table.

CITO technology will allow tickets rather than cash to be dispensed from gaming machines. Tickets can be redeemed for cash at a staff terminal or an automated stand-alone redemption kiosk. Tickets valued up to $200 can be redeemed at a self-service redemption kiosk, while tickets valued between $200 and $998 can only be redeemed with staff authorisation. This is in line with existing machines paying out under $200 in cash but higher amounts requiring staff involvement. For further information see Gambits 20 September 2017.

Please contact your Department liaison if you have any queries about the changes.