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Focus on the Scriptures

Upcoming passages at One Place:

November 3: 1 Kings 18-19 (Susan Zork)

November 10: 2 Kings 1-2 (Kenley Hall)

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Fall Canned Food Drive

One Place is hosting a food drive to help God’s Abundant Pantry with their mission of feeding underprivileged families both on the Andrews University campus and in the Berrien Springs area. We are collecting non-perishable food items such as: canned foods, pasta, cereals and juice boxes

Items may be dropped off between 9:45am and 12:30pm at Newbold Auditorium in Buller Hall on Sabbath November 3, 10, and 17.

For more information, contact Ashley Boyko or check out the Facebook event page.

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Sabbath School options at One Place

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Exploring Baptism

It is not too late to join the One Place baptismal preparation sessions for those interested in furthering their understanding of the Word of God, or have lingering questions about their faith, or are finally ready to take that next step in in their walk with Christ.

The sessions are held from 8:30-9:30am on Sabbath mornings each week. The Adult session (age 15 & up) meets in BUL 251. The Junior session (ages 11-14) meets in BUL250.

AU Student Missionary Spotlight

Erika Fortin is currently serving in Spain as a teacher.

To show your support for Erika's work and to lend a word of encouragement, send her an email to let her and her family know they are in your prayers.

AU Student Missionary Spotlight

Debbie-Anne Francis is currently awaiting approval to begin her mission in South Korea as an English teacher.

When you find a free opportunity, send Debbie an email letting her know she is being prayed for and that we are proud of her work at One Place.