Issue 08 | 8 January 2016


As you might have noticed, we made quite a splash on Wednesday with our live #DrummondPuddleWatch Periscope stream. It started with a few ripples, but the waves spread out across the entire world. Have we whetted your appetite for a Sociable Folktales puddle special? Let's stop dithering at the edges and jump right in.

Small Ripples
  • So why did we live-stream a puddle on Periscope for six hours? Good question. The large-ish body of water outside Drummond Central was becoming a bit of a distraction. People were using a range of techniques to navigate through, around and over it, and there was the very real possibility of someone falling in. We're a curious company and we like experimenting with different platforms. We enjoy being at the forefront of tech. Also it was addictive viewing, so we wanted to share it. We're nice like that.
Big Waves
  • We were quite happy with a few hundred viewers. Then Buzzfeed, The Poke and Unilad caught wind of it and it all got a bit hectic. The phone rang and it didn't stop. In the end our little livestream had a total of 548K viewers, with 70K live viewers at its peak. In fact, we broke the view counter on Periscope – sorry Periscope. We trended #1 on UK Twitter and #2 in the world. Our story went around the globe and we were interviewed live on CNN. We hit the media in a big way.
  • Here's just some of the coverage: BBCEvening Chronicle, The Guardian, The Telegraph, NBC News and even Time magazine.
  • We were on TV. Everywhere.
  • It exploded globally on Twitter.
  • Lots of brands rode our wave.
  • It even got its own magazine.
  • Someone put it on eBay

It was huge – a 'Big Wednesday' if you will and we were riding on the crest of the wave.

Puddle Reflections
  • Then sadly, a few hours later, it was all over. By late afternoon, the puddle had achieved celebrity status and was now getting a little overcrowded. People were surfing on it, taking selfies next to it and even bottling it. Brands and the paparazzi were turfing up and trying to cash in. It just wasn’t the same. So, after six hours and much fun, we decided to quit while we were ahead and pull the plug. Sorry world.
  • What did it all mean? We think social media is – and always has been – about people. Something simple that captures genuine drama or human spirit will always win out over a cheesey ad striving to 'go viral'. To capture it is like trying to bottle lightning, but we did it and it went right around the world.
  • So what next? We're going to carry on doing what we've always done – do great work, have fun and keep on entertaining the masses globally. Watch this space. And if you're missing our little aquatic aquaintance, you can rewatch the entire spectacle right here.
  • R.I.P. Drummond Puddle. You will live on in our hearts and our shoes x. 
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