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New NHS ratings 'good news' for diabetes

A leading diabetes charity is backing new plans proposed by the Health Secretary which would see NHS services rated in a similar way to schools.

Jeremy Hunt wants people to be able to check how good healthcare is in their area for services such as diabetes, cancer and dementia. To read more, click here.

Medway to launch diabetes prevention pilot

A programme designed to help reduce the four million people in England expected to have type 2 diabetes by 2025 is to be launched in Medway.

The National NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP) is a joint venture between NHS England, Public Health England (PHE) and Diabetes UK. To read more, click here.

Type 2 woman praises diabetes prevention scheme

A woman with type 2 diabetes has said she “wishes” the National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP) had been around before her diagnosis.

The DPP is a joint initiative between NHS England, Public Health England (PHE) and Diabetes UK. It aims to significantly reduce the four million people in England otherwise expected to have type 2 diabetes by 2025. To read more, click here.

Celebrating DESMOND finalists announced

The finalists in the 2015 Celebrating DESMOND awards have been revealed.

The annual programme aims to reward excellence and share good practice across the DESMOND community, which delivers type 2 diabetes structured education. A total of 13 out of the 32 entries have been shortlisted in four categories.

Bernie Stribling, DESMOND Director, said: “The standards were extremely high and the quality of entries is a testament to all of the hard, dedicated and innovative work being carried out.

“We launched the Celebrating DESMOND to applaud and share good practice. As well as rewarding excellence, we will also be using the awards as an opportunity to promote engagement and ensure key learning is disseminated.” To read more, click here.

Diabetes footcare specialists gather in Durham

A network which is focussed on reducing unnecessary major amputations in people with diabetes has met in Durham for its second annual regional conference.

The meeting was the second annual symposium of the Northern Diabetes Footcare Network. Members of the organisation share good practice and aim to take the best possible care of people’s feet who are affected by diabetes. To read more, click here.

Insulin injection users ‘at risk’ of lipohypertrophy

Almost 65 per cent of the 421,300 people who use insulin injection therapy in the UK could be at risk of developing lipohypertrophy (LH), according to new research.

Dr Kenneth Strass, who is director of safety in medicine at the European Medical Association (EMA), carried out the study and discovered that LH has also been reported as having a high prevalence in people who infuse insulin. To read more, click here.