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May Talent Development Tips

“Understanding the unique values and needs of each generational group is essential to creating greater harmony in the workplace."

How to Connect With, and Inspire Employees from a Variety of Generations

In the modern day business world it is rare to find a workforce within any workplace that isn’t represented to some degree by multiple generations. Each generation has different perspectives, qualities and traits, shaped by the historical and cultural events...

Beth's Keynote: Aligning the Stars Across Multiple Generations

In Beth's keynote she explores the typical hallmarks of each generation in terms of their style of working, communication and drivers. Learn key takeaways to create more productive work environments, higher functioning teams and stronger relationships.

About Beth

Beth Armknecht Miller’s passion for learning, and dedication to helping others, are strands woven throughout her distinguished career, which continue to guide her work with Executive Velocity.

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