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  • Issue 4    |   April 2017

    Commercial New Construction and Lighting Rebates

    Beginning in 2017, all commercial new construction projects in Iowa and Illinois must participate in the Commercial New Construction program to be eligible for prescriptive lighting rebates. Customers will receive the better of the Commercial New Construction lighting incentive or the prescriptive lighting rebate amount. In addition to lighting incentives, the Commercial New Construction program provides customers with comprehensive design assistance and incentives to help offset the cost of implementing various energy-efficient strategies.

    Does my project qualify?

    • Type of Project: New construction, an addition or a major renovation with a mechanical system replacement
    • Size: Facility larger than 5,000 square feet
    • Timing: At a point in the decision-making process where energy analysis results may influence implementation of energy-efficient strategies
    • Service: Heated and/or cooled by a participating Iowa energy company
    • Savings: Able to achieve savings that are at least 5% better than energy code baseline

    Projects can be screened for approval by filling out the online screening form. Contact the Commercial New Construction team with questions at 877-939-1874 or

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    Important Upcoming Dates

    April 28, 2017
    HVAC SAVE training in Des Moines, Iowa

    May 19, 2017
    HVAC SAVE training in Davenport, Iowa


    Effective April 1, 2017, DesignLights Consortium removed all products from the Qualified Product List that did not meet Technical Requirements V4.0 and moved them to a de-listed Qualified Product List. This year, non-compliant V4.0 lights are still eligible to participate in MidAmerican Energy's programs. Applications must be postmarked by December 31, 2017. 

    The 2017 residential HVAC rebate application requires itemized materials and labor costs. Additional information can be found in the HVAC Material and Labor Cost Calculation Guidelines.
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    Quick Tip

    Having your lighting manufacturers’ representatives or distributors provide you the DLC product codes for the lighting equipment used by your customers makes it easy to add to the rebate application.

    Rebate Application Changes

    In 2017 rebate applications were updated and additional required fields and information were added.

    Does collecting this information benefit trade allies and customers?

    We recognize that providing additional information takes time. However, accurate information helps to justify current rebate levels and keep marginally cost-effective equipment in our programs, which allows you to offer rebates to customers.

    Why is this information necessary?

    MidAmerican Energy is in the process of developing the 2019-2023 energy efficiency plan for our customers. This additional information will help validate programs and equipment in the plan.

    What happens if an application is not fully completed?

    Customers will be contacted and asked to provide required information, resulting in delayed rebate payments. If the information cannot be collected, the application will be returned to the customer.

    Spring SAVE Testing Tips
    Warmer spring weather brings the opportunity to complete SAVE tests on air conditioners sold and installed in 2016. For units pre-enrolled in the SAVE software by December 31, 2016, you have until September 30, 2017, to complete the test and submit the rebate application. Use these tips to help ensure an accurate test.

    1. Complete the test when the temperature is above 65°F
    2. Set the airflow before charging the air conditioner (350-450 CFM per ton)
    3. Make sure the Measured Total ESP is within manufacturer specifications
    4. Let the equipment run at least 10-20 minutes; homes with high humidity may need longer
    5. Use OEM adjusted capacity tables to determine current capacity; rated BTUs does not reflect current capacity

    For more information go to My Documents in the SAVE software and select AC Heat Pump Technical Bulletin.




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    SummerSaver Reminder

    To help MidAmerican Energy reduce peak demand and use our generating capacity more effectively, we offer our Iowa, Illinois and South Dakota residential customers the SummerSaver air conditioner cycling program. Cycling may occur from June through September on weekdays between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. MidAmerican Energy will notify HVAC trade allies through email on the day a SummerSaver event is called.

    You may get calls from customers questioning if their air conditioning system is working correctly.  As a reminder, the indoor blower fan will continue to circulate air during load control events. If you or your customers have any questions or issues with the load control receiver box, call 800-437-2976. More information can be found by viewing Information for HVAC Dealers and Service Technicians.

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