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Alberta’s economy in an era of dwindling commodity prices

Alberta’s economy in an era of dwindling commodity prices

Monday January 21, 2013
11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Hyatt Regency Calgary
700 Centre Street SE

Western Canadian oil is selling at a deep discount compared to the world price. A lack of pipeline space and access to a wider range of customers in North America has resulted in a price differential for Alberta oil that came close to $40 per barrel in December 2012. This means billions of lost revenue for all levels of government, which is likely to continue for years to come. 

Join us as Alberta’s Finance Minister Doug Horner discusses the changing reality for Alberta oil, what this means for the province’s economy and how it will shape government spending going forward.

This is a must-attend event for all businesses, since the government’s leadership on this important issue will shape the economic landscape they operate in for years to come.

Get your tickets today.

Connecting in 2013

Connecting in 2013

It is very clear that the Calgary Chamber is in the business of connections and networking.

This one element we offer is so vital to our members and their success that it continually comes up in conversations, meetings and online through our social media channels.

Learn how the Chamber is working to make your business more connected.

Andrew Bleeker: The online advertising wizard behind Obama’s re-election strategy

Andrew Bleeker: The online advertising wizard behind Obama’s re-election strategy

Thursday January 31, 2013
7:15 am – 9:00 am
Hotel Arts
119 – 12th Avenue SW

Andrew Bleeker is one of the most influential people in the world of online advertising.

During the 2008 and 2012 U.S. general elections, Bleeker was the director of internet advertising for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign where he was responsible for all aspects of online marketing. In his current role as the global digital practice director with Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Bleeker serves as a senior counselor to Fortune 100 clients, advising them in the field of digital marketing and communications.

Join us as Bleeker shares his online marketing insights.

A corporate guide to workplace diversity

A corporate guide to workplace diversity

Wednesday January 30, 2013
8:00 am – 3:30 pm
Savanna Energy Services Corp.
Suite 800, 311 6th Ave SW

Calgary is the third-most ethnically diverse city in Canada. That means every employer, business owner and worker needs to have a thorough understanding of workplace diversity, employment equity and multiculturalism.

Join Canada’s most experienced diversity trainer Neil McDonald for a one-day workshop on the changing Canadian workplace, which discusses what employers and employees need to know to navigate this environment and unlock the potential that comes from working with a diverse mix of employees.

Only 15 spots are available. Hurry and book today. 

Employment law: What every business needs to know

Employment law: What every business needs to know

Thursday January 31, 2013
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
CREB Main floor
300 Manning Road NE

If you run a business or manage people, you need to have a good understanding of employment law.

That includes understanding the implied terms of an employment contract, causes for dismissal and what constitutes a wrongful dismal, the obligations of an employer after termination,  as well as the responsibilities of an employer according to the employment standards code and humans right act. 

Get the answers to all your business questions relating to employment law from two lawyers with McLeod Law during this informative lunch-time presentation.

Business After Hours


Thursday January 24, 2013
5:00 pm – 7:30 pm
DIRTT Environmental Solutions
7303 30th Street SE

Meet new clients and make new business connections in the inspiring and innovative atmosphere of DIRTT Environmental Solutions.

DIRTT – which stands for Doing It Right This Time – builds custom, prefab modular workspaces. This method of building is suitable for offices, industrial spaces, healthcare facilities, schools and soon residential homes. DIRTT has become the biggest company in its industry, going from zero to more $130 million in sales in the past seven years.

Enjoy appetizers from DIRTT’S on-site kitchen or take a tour and network in the office space of this innovative company.

The No-Nonsense Guide to Successful Business Networking

The No-Nonsense Guide to Successful Business Networking

If effective business networking is so important, why do so few people see any benefits? The problem starts with expectations.

Most people approach networking as a key driver of sales. While networking can occasionally lead to a sale, if selling is your primary intent you will almost always fail because potential clients instantly recognize that your attempt to network is just a poorly veiled sales tactic.

Learn how you can improve your business networking.

2013 National Bottom Line Conference - Calgary Perspective

2013 National Bottom Line Conference - Calgary Perspective

Wednesday February 27
8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Metropolitan Conference Centre
333 – 4 Avenue SW

The Canadian Mental Health Association is proud to present Dr. Joti Samra R. Psych,  a leading Canadian researcher and Globe and Mail columnist, as the keynote speaker for Calgary Perspective, which features experts on mental health in the workplace.

  • Come learn about the upcoming National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • Participate in discussions on the importance of psychologically safe and healthy workplaces
  • Network with executives, managers, wellness advisors, human resource professionals, and occupational health and safety professionals who are tasked with ensuring their workplaces are psychologically safe

Early-bird prices end January 23rd, register today.

Surefire CSR strategies that increase productivity and profits

Surefire CSR strategies that increase productivity and profits

Wednesday February 13, 2013
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Self Connection Books
125, 4611 Bowness Road NW

Corporate social responsibility isn’t a bunch of buzz words. It’s a cost-effective way to bolster your company’s bottom line.

When a business creates and implements a finely tuned CSR strategy it engages employees in a way that changes how they work. They become more passionate about they do. When that happens, they become more productive, more focused on customer service and more likely to contribute to the creation of an energized work environment that helps in the success of your business.

Learn how you can reap the rewards of a CSR strategy.

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