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28 April 2017

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Gambling Licences: New Application Forms and Payment Processes Are Here!

Improvements to our licensing application forms and payment processes have now been completed.  From 24 April 2017 new application forms for gambling licences and fact sheets have been available on our website.

View the new licensing application forms

View the updated factsheets

Please ensure that you use these new forms from now on. If you have copies of forms stored on your computers, make sure you download and replace these with the latest versions.

Read the 7 April edition of Gambits to find out more about these changes

Whether you are emailing or posting your application forms, please do not send payments with your application, just send your completed application forms and supporting documentation to the address below, and we will send you an invoice.

Licensing Compliance
Department of Internal Affairs
PO Box 10-095
Wellington 6143

Or email Gambling.Licensing@dia.govt.nz

Update to authorised purpose guidelines on lobbying purposes

We have updated the guidelines regarding the use of grants for lobbying purposes.

View the updated Authorised Purpose Lobbying Purposes guidance

The guidelines now clarify that grants cannot be made for lobbying purposes, however, an organisation which engages in lobbying may be considered for grants relating to for other activities it conducts that come within the authorised purpose definition.