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  Newsletter July 2016  

There is so much going on at the farm that we need to share with you.

Loads of visitors have been enjoying the farm at the this busy time of year and there is much planned for the next few months, for which we really need your help. So do read on and find out how you too can make a difference to the young people from Battersea.



    Coming soon - Celebrate 40 years of Shallowford Farm serving the youth of Battersea.

We will be reuniting old friends, reliving memories, walking on the open moor, meeting the animals and enjoying fresh farm produced food.

The plans for the 40th Anniversary celebrations on 24/25th September are well underway. On the Saturday evening all our friends, volunteers and neighbours will be welcome to share in the barn dance, live music, hog roast and heaps of fun.

We are really looking forward to welcoming people to the farm who have not been here for years, as well as those who visit us regularly. Visit the website for details of the weekend and book your place well in advance.
See you there.

    How can you help?

The coming few months are our busy time for events for which we need as much help as we can get.

From 15th – 18th August we are hosting the Family camping week for young people and their families, a rare time for some to enjoy a holiday. We will need tents, catering help and lots of extra hands before, during and after!

On 13th September it is Widecombe Fair during which we are running the café in the Church House and Archery in the marsh field. Many hands make light work so please let us know if you can do an hour or two helping out in the café. We are flat out serving food & hot drinks from 8am until 6pm and desperately need help. Even an hour of your time would relive one of our hard working team and give them a bit of a break. Please ring the farm or email if you can help us and we can allocate you a time slot to suit you.

We will also need a raft of cakes if that is your skill, so again let us know if you can help.We will also need a raft of cakes if that is your skill.

Making sandwiches

During the weekend of the 23rd – 25th September we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Providence House and Shallowford working together. We will need help with catering, providing tents, willing hands to set up and clear away, offers of accommodation for singles to families in local homes, friends to come and share the barn dance on the Saturday evening


    Take 2

The trustees have been very busy meeting to consider the plans ahead for creating accommodation for the visiting groups. They are now liaising with the architects, neighbours and DNP planning dept to develop a proposal that will sit well with all interested parties. Please pray for wisdom, sensitivity and a positive outcome.

    Forest School

The work with Widecombe Forest school continues weekly. The children have been delightful as they built dens, searched for beetles, cooked on an open fire, found treasure, followed trails, mixed wiffs from the forest into cocktails and laid under the huge trees searching for words to describe them. Never a dull moment and the weather was always kind to us

    Shallowford Happy Meat

The pigs have been very productive and now we have some beautiful Shallowford Pork frozen down and available for purchase. We are able to deliver to London at PH for collection from there or from the farm here in Devon. Please send an email to the farm with your order and preference for collection

    "I am SO proud of my legs!"

Esther had some valuable quality time with just two young people over a weekend. Dartmoor rained it’s rain but we walked anyway and got wet – very wet – but what a great time it was. We rolled in the bluebells, forded a river, climbed a “mountain”, bounced on bogs, went rock hopping, and jumped the pony jumps.

Wading in river

They spent a great deal of time tending to the animals and preparing the lambs for the wide open spaces of the fields. We learnt much about each other and grew stronger as a result.

    Fish and Chips enjoyed by all

The Women’s group in May enjoyed a whole weekend of giggles, the farm animals, the seaside and a wonderful walk along the river. The fellowship, friendship and food were all top quality and much enjoyed by everyone.

    The visit of the Wise Guys

Phil and Andrew gave up much to bring the group of lads to the farm for 4 days – work, time, energy, sleep and a few grey hairs!!! Wisdom was required on many occasions, We all learnt much and are definitely wiser for the experience.

Dartmoor smiles

Key learning experinces involved how to:
carry long heavy logs safely to the wood shed,
climb the mountain without dying too many times
catch the lambs and tag their ears
complete the assault course without losing patience with others
communicate clearly using a two-way radio
cook dinner on an open fire
make sandwiches that are still edible at lunchtime
lift tyres full of water without getting soaked
ride a mountain bike without showing off

    Falcon Road Heritage Festival

What a weekend that was! Five of us travelled from the farm to Providence House to assist them in their contribution to this festival. We took a farm flavor with us to share with passersby – a fiber glass life sized pig and sheep kindly loaned by The Jolly Roger, 3 live chickens, straw bales, skittles and lots of yummy meat for the BBQ.

We created quite a stir at the event along with the café, face painting, band, model making, and many other activities to share with everyone the delights of Providence and Shallowford. Thanks to everyone there for their hospitality

    Ticking off the tasks

We created a long list of tasks for the work party to complete during their weekend – and they managed it. Much energy was expended, the pressure hose worked over time, barns were cleared, wood store tidied and restocked, chicken runs mended and so the list went on… Thank you to all those who worked so hard.

    Newton Abbot Races

On Wednesday 10th August we have been invited, by Newton Abbot race course, to be their "Charity of the day". We will be mentioned in the race card and promoted over the loud speakers. We can have a table display where we an promote our cause and collect donations. If you happen to be at the racecourse that day, please come and see us.


Antony has been working with us as a volunteer since April on regular 2 week visits. His last visit involved working with the team for shearers as they processed our flock for 40 sheep and then moved to Broadaford and finished off the day working through their 400 ewes.

Sheep Shearing

A marathon task and by the end of it Antony definitely knew what a day’s work entailed!!!

    Family Tents needed

We are planning the next Family Camping week (15-18 August) during which many of the young people bring their families down to the farm.

For some this is their only holiday of the year. We would be very grateful if anyone has a family sized tent that could house – a family!!! We plan to erect the tents on Sat 13th August so if you have the time, energy and skills needed they would be much appreciated. Please let us know if you can help with this.

Dates for your diary

11th - 15th July - Christ Church school visit

18th July - 7pm Trustees meeting

23rd - 24th July - Girls group

28th July- 7pm Shallowford Prayer meeting

10th August - Newton Abbot races

12th - 14th August - We need help setting up the tents

15th - 18th August - Families camping weekend

25th August - 7pm Shallowford Prayer meeting

6th September - Widecombe Fair (please contact us if you can help us)


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