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New Parents Face Sexual Challenges in First Year

Sexual problems are common as couples transition into parenthood. 

The challenges may be especially difficult for new mothers, experts say. 

In a recent Journal of Sexual Medicine study, researchers compared the sexual function of two sets of couples. One group of 99 couples had had their first child within the past year. The other group (104 community couples) either did not have children or had older children. 

After comparing questionnaire results, the researchers found that new parents had lower sexual satisfaction, less sexual desire, and more sexual distress than the community couples.

In addition, new mothers had lower sexual desire than their partners. 

Some results did improve over time. See more details.

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In the Forum

This week in the Men's Sexual Health Forum, colleagues are discussing the case of a 62-year-old man who has had multiple surgeries for hypospadias repair. 

Currently the man is experiencing delayed ejaculation and decreased penile sensation. He is in good general health overall. 

Have you had a similar case? What actions would you suggest? Check out the ISSM Member Forums to add your voice! 

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