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5d News Blast
Save The Date: Science of Fiction 2014, April 4 + 5


"science fiction is useless without sharing territory between two arguably incompatible points of view: the plausible versus the estranged"
– Cyrus Penarroyo

5D Science of Fiction 2014 will build a visionary city; and explore its myths, history, systems, culture, tribes, stories & world to catalyze the re-imagination of our own near-future reality.

Since its birth in 2007, and the first groundbreaking 5D conference in 2008, the 5D Institute has stimulated some of the most important and revolutionary discussions of new media and the design of narrative worlds. It is changing the future of storytelling with the rise of its art-science league of extraordinary world builders and long-term partnerships.

With world building, any richly detailed worldspace becomes a container for narrative, producing stories that emerge logically and organically from a well-designed core. Worldbuilding is an open practice, ready to exploit any and all technologies. And often the resulting narratives demand adaptive change in the technologies, themselves.

World building allows us to imagine any set of problems and contextualize them within a worldview. It is a way of thinking differently about our world - interrogating what is known and what is real - to get to a set of solutions for almost anything. It’s the ‘What if?’ and the ‘Why not?’!

We're touching the edge of the future every day now. Anything you can tell a story about can create a new way of looking at a set of problems, whimsically, emotionally, empirically, and always at a human scale. We are empowering a new breed of storyteller with a new set of tools and skills to solve problems without the constraints of the old siloed structures prevalent in media, academia and industry.

Join the growing league of novice and expert world builders on April 5, 2014, when the next iteration of the Science of Fiction will unfold. At 5D there is no audience, there are only participants.


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