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Today is International Day of Co-operatives

Today, 1 July, is the 95th International Day of Co-operatives. 

The message from the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) on this day is that "[a]t a time when income inequality is rising around the world, it is good to remember that solutions for inequality exist. The co-operative model is foremost among these.

"Its internationally agreed definition, principles and values set it apart from all other forms of entrepreneurial organisations. Those principles state that membership in a co-operative is open without discrimination to all people who accept the requirements of membership."

The ICA calls on co-operatives around the world to therefore redouble efforts to ensure open membership and inclusiveness, and to pledge to reaching the sustainable development goals.

Read the full ICA media release

Almondco opens new $25m plant in Griffith

Almondco, a BCCM member and 73-year-old co-operative owned by almond growers, has opened a new almond processing plant in Griffith with the help of a NSW government co-operative loan facility.

The official opening was attended by NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian (pictured).

BCCM CEO Melina Morrison, who was also in attendance, said "It’s heartening that Premier Gladys Berejiklian acknowledges the importance of co-operatives and it was fantastic to have her at today’s plant opening." 

New Co-op Builder Tool launches

The Co-op Builder tool, developed by the BCCM for the Farming Together program, will make setting up a co-op much easier.

The Co-op Builder helps users prepare the Rules and Disclosure Statement needed for a distributing co-operative. 

The Co-op Builder is freely available on the Farming Together website.


Stocksy platform co-op signs deal with Adobe

This image was selected from the Stocksy library

Artist-owned stock image platform Stocksy has signed a landmark deal with Adobe

Stocksy's image collection will now be available as part of Adobe's Premium Stock Collection as part of any Creative Cloud plan.

Stocksy member-artists, located in over 100 countries, receive some of the highest percentages of the sale price of images in the industry.

This image was selected from the Stocksy library.

Parliamentary Friends of Mutuals and Co-operatives launches


A sigficant milestone was reached on 13 June with the launching of the Parliamentary Friends of Mutuals and Co-operatives at Parliament House

Co-op and mutual representatives enjoyed a presentation from BCCM Chairman and CBH CEO Dr Andrew Crane and remarks from Parliamentary Friends co-chairs Senator Bridget McKenzie and Andrew Leigh MP about the importance of co-operatives to Australia.

The BCCM is pleased with the genuine bipartisan support for the sector.  

Race Mathews brings "Of Labour and Liberty" to Sydney

Better Values: #switchnotbitch

Race Mathews was joined by Bishop Vincent Long, for the Sydney launch of his new book on the history of Distributism in Victoria, Of Labor and Liberty.

The launch, hosted by the Whitlam Institute at Western Sydney University, included remarks from Bishop Long on the text and the potential of Catholic (Distributist) and co-operative ideas to address contemporary social and environmental problems.

ALP stalwart John Faulkner (pictured, centre) was also in attendance.

The Sydney launch followed successful events in Melbourne and an earlier Sydney symposium.

Upcoming events

Associations Forum National Conference, 17-18 July, Sydney

Legal Models for Social Enterprise (Lawyer CPD), 26 July, Sydney

Building a New Economy for Australia, 1-3 September, Brisbane 

2017 BCCM Leaders’ Summit & Industry Dinner, 9-10 November, Brisbane 

For all the latest news from the co-operative and mutual sector, please visit the BCCM website and for information on how to run and set up a co-operative, visit Get Mutual.