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16 July 2014

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Gambling sector survey

Graphs showing engagement satisfaction and perception levels

The 2014 Gambling Sector Survey report has been finalised and published on our website.

The annual survey of our stakeholders is designed to measure satisfaction levels with the Department's engagement and communication as well as the perception within the gambling sector of the Department as an effective regulator of the sector. It has been conducted annually since 2009.

From the 317 organisations we invited to complete the survey, 151 chose to participate. The overall perception of information services provided by the Department was encouraging with over 70 per cent of respondents expressing positive views about their experiences.

We are pleased to note that positive perceptions of the Department as regulator of the gambling sector have increased 25 per cent overall, compared with 2012. The questions in this section focused on perceptions of our fairness, transparency, and consistency at what we do.

We are heartened by your feedback that the Department continues to improve as an effective regulator. We realise we still have work to do and your responses are valuable in helping us shape our communication, systems, and processes to better engage with the sector.

We note that nearly 65 per cent of respondents would like to receive more real time information on issues, events and decisions that affect the gambling sector, and we hope to achieve this with  our more frequent and online distribution of Gambits, and Gambits:now updates such as this one.

Feedback on Gambits content is welcomed at any time by email to gambits@dia.govt.nz

Thank you to those who completed the survey; feedback received through comments helps us to further develop how we engage with the sector over the new financial year.