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You Asked for It.

What is content marketing? The fastest and most simple answer I can offer for that question is:

Publishing answers to your customers questions.

I'm a content marketer whose content is largely about content marketing. So my goal is to answer your questions on the subject. 

And I know what you want to know, or at least, I have a pretty good idea. You see, I uncovered a survey featuring the most pressing and common questions business owners and marketing professionals have regarding content marketing. 

>> I answered them a few days ago in an article I wrote for Social Media Today, "12 Brutally Honest Answers to Your Content Marketing Questions."

Maybe you already read it. The article shot to #1 on the website and has been shared across social media thousands of times the past three days. 

I take it I've written a very useful piece. I hope you'll agree. Following is an excerpt from it. 

Which form of content marketing gets the best SEO boost?


The written form. You feed a search engine words. It finds them. If you want “the best SEO boost,” which I must assume translates to inclusion in the results, you need to create written content.

But, but, but… what about video, audio, and images? You’ve read how much web folks eat ‘em up, right? Sure, but search engines don’t. Your discovery of these content types could come from a search engine, but it’s more likely to come from a search within a specific site. If Google serves you a video, podcast, photo or infographic, it’s because it was accompanied by a transcript and/or was properly tagged with relevant keywords.

Read the rest of the story here.

The article addresses:

Why I present a picture of an empty plate and...

  • How to use keywords
  • Where to find the best writers
  • Where is content going
  • How to make your content stand out
  • And 7 additional common questions about content marketing