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CSL Introduces Innovative RFID Tag for Industrial Laundry, Leather, Textile and Uniform Management Applications

Mumbai Garbage Truck with CSL CS203 Integrated RFID Reader

Convergence Systems Limited (CSL) recently introduced a revolutionary new radio frequency identification (RFID) metalized thread tag for a range of industrial laundry, textile and uniform market applications.

The patented CSL CS8200 RFID tag includes an integrated circuit (IC) and a partially metalized thread, which acts as an antenna while securing the tag to clothing, leather or other thin flexible materials. The metalized thread antenna was developed specifically for use with the CSL tag by Coats Group plc, the world’s leading industrial thread and consumer textile craft business.

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Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid RTLS to Achieve 1 Meter Resolution with UHF Tags

To capture the benefits of real-time location technology while overcoming traditional disadvantages, Convergence Systems Limited (CSL) offers a hybrid RTLS system that uses both passive UHF tags and active RFID technology. With CSL’s hybrid RTLS solution, assets can be tracked, located and monitored with ease and accuracy within 1 meter resolution, using a system that is affordable and easy to maintain.

In the hybrid RTLS system, assets are tagged with passive UHF tags that cost less than $0.10 each, greatly reducing the cost to implement the system. RFID Fixed Readers (known as “anchors”) are positioned at the perimeter of the area to be monitored and connected to the Ethernet. In the middle of the area, omni-directional Fixed Readers (termed “slaves”) provide ubiquitous coverage. Each coverage area is known as a “cell”, and multiple cells are possible. Continue Reading