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May Talent Tips

"Despite how hard you try, a leader cannot make someone passionate. Passion comes from within."


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Become a Talent Obsessed Leader
Become a Talent Obsessed Leader

Want to unlock the secrets to a team of raving high-performers? Beth's eBook is designed to help business leaders learn how to make the most of their talent by managing and developing them. If you are motivated to become a talent obsessed leader, download "Are You Talent Obsessed?" today!


See What Our Clients Have to Say!
See What Our Clients Have to Say!

Executive Velocity has worked with a long list of clients to help them reach their company goals by enhancing their Leadership Development and Talent Management strategies. Our clients have shared their thoughts about the services we provide and the quality of work we do. Visit the testimonials page to learn more.


About Beth

Beth Armknecht Miller’s passion for learning, and dedication to helping others, are strands woven throughout her distinguished career, which continue to guide her work with Executive Velocity.


Every Tuesday I share my favorite talent management tips on Twitter using the hashtag #TalentTuesdays. Follow me on Twitter and be sure to share your top talent tips with me!

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