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Vote for No Kill Louisville!

You can help us received up to $250,000 simply by voting and encouraging your friends to vote for us in the Chase Community Bank Charity Giveaway. Vote for NKL now

Name the Pet Food Bank

In the first few months of this year, we helped 978 owners and 36 rescues and shelters through the pet food bank program.

We need sponsors to keep it going - both individual and businesses. We are offering naming rights to any group that wants to partner long term.  Become a Pet Food Bank Sponsor today!

Jeffersonville to go No Kill

We’re now partnering with J.B. Ogle Animal Shelter in Southern Indiana to help them go No Kill by August 2013! This means we’re actively recruiting volunteers, finding fosters, pulling pets from the shelter and more. Here are all the ways you can be a part of this exciting adventure!

Adoption Tails: Success Stories from YOU

We have four dogs and two cats all of which are rescues! Our newest addition we adopted from LMAS last month, he is a 5-6 year old pittie mix that we've named Jett and he is just the sweetest boy!

He appears to have been mistreated in the past, after feeling a knot in his neck and taking him to our vet we discovered he at some point had been shot and the bullet remains in his neck. He doesn't let his past bother him and has moved on to be a very happy and balanced member of our pack!

He is always full of tail wags and kisses and has never met a stranger. Maybe if we can let more people know just how great the animals at [the local shelters] are, they would get a chance at life like Jett did!

~Shannon Ward

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