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(Beyond) 28 Days of Spay

February just wasn’t long enough. That’s why we extended our 28 Days of Spay program into March and April. BEYOND 28 Days of Spay is a partnership with local vets and Louisville Metro Council offering low-income individuals FREE spay and neuter services for their pets. Vouchers are still available, but act now before this fantastic – and oh so important – opportunity slips away.


Bring A Bag--Help us out!

Going green now helps NKL as well!  For the entire month of April, bring your own bag(s) to Whole Foods in St. Matthews, and you'll receive a wooden nickel to put in our donation box as you leave the store.  For every wooden nickel you deposit, we receive $.05.  That may not sound like a lot, but over the course of 30 days it adds up to quite a few dollars!  Save our earth, save our animals.  

NKL's Pet Food Bank: By the numbers

One of the tenets of the No-Kill model is promoting responsible pet ownership and providing resources for those in need. At No Kill Louisville, our Pet Food Bank accomplishes this by providing a two-week supply of pet food for individuals who need it.

Our Pet Food Bank helped more than 4,000 pets in 2012. Consider these other numbers from last year...

  • 860 individuals used the foodbank
  • 1,672 of dogs were provided food
  • 3,065 of cats were provided food
  • 85,232 lbs of dog food given out
  • 33,000 lbs of cat food given out

NOTE: These numbers do not include the 33,000 lbs of food donated by Mars for hurricane relief.

Want to learn more about the Pet Food Bank, including how you can volunteer? CLICK HERE.