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Raw Vision 79 is out this week in the UK and is on its way to USA, Europe and other countries

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This issue features:

Alex Grey

Nuala Ernest introduces a new book, Net of Being, which celebrates visionary artist Alex Grey's life, art and ethos. Includes an insightful extract.

Ernst Kolb

Peter Bolliger and Rolf Bergmann present the work of a new discovery, Ernst Kolb, a German baker who taught himself to draw while hospitalised with diabetes.

Ferdinand Cooper

Rebecca Dimling Cochran shows us the magical world of Ferdinand Cooper, a Southern post-war recluse who carved wood and hammered tin into unusable imitations of objects.

Patrick Joyce

Tony Gammidge explores how Patrick Joyce realises his peripheral visions of a mythological world through his bright, colourful paintings and drawings.

Josef Karl Rädler

Ferdinand Altnöder shares the intense paintings of Josef Karl Rädler, a master porcelain painter who was committed to an asylum and intrigued Leo Navratil.

Hiroyuki Doi

Edward Gomez discusses the work of chef-turned-artist Hiroyuki Doi, who creates voluminous compositions made up of little more than thousands of miniscule circles.

Art in the Asylum

Victoria Tischler looks at the development of art in British mental health institutions since the 1800s, which is explored in a new exhibition at Djanogly Gallery.

Plus obituaries and reviews

Obituaries include Sam Farber, Vollis Simpson and Jo Demarco.

Exhibition reviews include the 55th Venice Biennale, Charles Steffen at Collection de l'Art Brut, and Hayward Gallery's Alternative Guide to the Universe.

Book reviews include Wölfli: Creator of the Universe by Manuel Anceau and Daniel Baumann (ed. Terezie Zemánková) and Soul of Science by Daniel Martin Diaz.

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