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On The Crest of a Diverse Dark Fibre Wave

Map showing diverse route of CeltixConnect (Click here to see map)

With the consolidation of the telecom industry in recent years, it is sometimes difficult to find a backbone network infrastructure with true path diversity.

CeltixConnect is the only cable on the Dublin-Anglesey Route and offers a diverse, scalable and secure Dark Fibre product:

"This route has been designed completely diverse to all existing cable systems with the shortest length and excellent burial in stable seabed sediment. Route design takes account of seabed users, fishing activities and patterns to absolutely minimise the danger of cable damage"

Tom McMahon, CTO Sea Fibre Networks

Drink from the fountain of Dark Fibre and future proof your telecoms infrastructure with CeltixConnect!

Call us today to discuss the future of your networks diversity: +353 1 662 4399


Only sub-sea cable from Eastpoint Business Park, Dublin  -  Anglesey, Wales, completely diverse from all other systems.


144 strands of next generation fibre that uses the latest technology: G.652.D


Route follows a successful former cable system that had recorded only one hit in 20 years of service (diagram above shows cable over 20 years old and a section of CeltixConnect)

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