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Call for further submissions

Yesterday council called for further submissions on Proposed Plan Change 1 and Variation 1 to Proposed Plan Change 1.

A further submission is a written statement that allows you to support or oppose other people's submissions. It also gives you the opportunity to consider how a submission may impact you, and to have your views considered by the hearings panel along with the original submission. 

Have questions about who can make a further submission? Read our FAQs.

And head over to our website to find a submission form.

All submissions must be received by 5pm on Monday, 17 September. 

Summary of decisions requested

After submissions close, council staff create a summary of decisions that have been requested by submitters. This is done so you can quickly decide if a submission is of interest to you. 

Yesterday council also released the summary of decisions requested for Proposed Plan Change 1 and Variation 1. 

The summaries and the original submissions should be used if you're planning to make a further submission. 

You can find the summaries on our website. 

Start thinking about risks on your farm

It's been a wet winter and we're all looking forward to some sunny days. Wet weather is a good time to look at the risks around your farm and what happens to your soil and landscapes during weather events. 

Heavy rainfall in particular can increase movement of contaminants on land, especially on steep slopes or with certain soil types.

Start thinking about these critical source areas, or hotspots, that are prone to contaminant loss.

Farm Environment Plans (FEPs) are a good way to keep track of risks on your farm. You can find an FEP template, guide and example on the Healthy Rivers/Wai Ora website.

Groups are popping up all over the catchment to talk about farm planning. Getting involved is a great way to get started and hear about what your neighbours are doing to help manage water quality.