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Prevention programme update

The first wave of the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme is currently being delivered, the director of the project has announced.

Once the first wave roll out is completed, 45 per cent of England’s population will be covered. To read more, click here

Diabetes forum helps 200,000 people

A total of 200,000 people have improved their health since joining a leading online diabetes forum.

Diabetes.co.uk is Europe's fastest-growing online community for people living with diabetes, with 2.2 million unique visitors a month. To read more, click here

Major breakthrough in type 2 treatment

A trial testing a pioneering type 2 diabetes treatment has been hailed as a major breakthrough. To read more, click here

Junk food advert ban up for debate

Banning junk food adverts aimed at children is being considered in a bid to reduce childhood obesity which is associated to type 2 diabetes. To read more, click here

Type 2 people at risk of liver disease

People with type 2 diabetes are at greater risk of serious liver disease than those without the condition, according to a study.

Over a 10 year period research teams from the Universities of Edinburgh and Southampton looked at liver diseases among people with diabetes using hospital and death records in Scotland. To read more, click here

Ninjabetic - Hospital care improves

I seem to have racked up a fair few hospital admissions in my 14 years of living with type 1 diabetes.

Although this is not something that I am proud of (many of these admissions were due to my own lack of diabetes management in my early years), it has made me something of an expert in emergency admissions. To read more, click here