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Steve Jobs once said that, “It's not the tools you have faith in. Tools are just tools — they work or they don't work. It's the people you have faith in or not.” 



At NUVO™, we see our staff as more than just employees. We see them as co-workers, with emphasis on the prefix “co” — meaning mutual, common and together! This is our outlook! 

Our expanding business and strategies for development means that the opportunities to create growth for employees are not lacking!

We seek to invest in our employees because we know that they make such a valuable contribution. Whether it’s in offering quality service or working to meet customer’s expectations, we believe that our company’s success is based on its people. 

We are committed to opening doors of opportunity for our staff by creating platforms where they learn through training programmes and by adding to their expertise through skill advancement and development programmes. When these needs are met, staff are empowered with something that is invaluable. 

In addition, we have opened up training opportunities through the Skills Education Training Authority (SETA) where we work with, and up-skill young graduates who are looking to work in the industry.

We want our employees to be 100% proud of the job they're doing. For this to be possible, we need to give them the means to do a good job and create a company they’re proud to work for. In doing so, we are able to invest in their future. This then reflects in the work that they do, in the customer’s experience and in the future of NUVO™.

It is these kind on business practices that we believe are conducive to the success that we’re after! Thank you for your ongoing support in this.

Best Regards, 

Donal Ryan

- Production Manager, NUVO Rubber Holdings