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4 March 2015

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Gambling fees review consultation document available

The consultation document inviting submissions on proposed changes to gambling fees and alternative options is now available on the Department’s website.

Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne announced the public consultation today.

“Gaming machines in pubs and clubs produce most of the fees’ revenue but pokie numbers have fallen further than forecast and this decline has not corresponded with a decline in the need to regulate the Class 4 gambling sector,” Mr Dunne said. “The Department has contained costs as far as possible with two structural reviews since 2007, including a reduction in 20 staff. It is now facing a deficit of $3.8 million this financial year.”

The proposed new fees impact mainly on the Class 4 sector where fees are proposed to increase overall by 53.62 per cent. Lower annual compliance fees are proposed for small club societies to reflect their lower compliance costs to the Department. Class 4 fees currently account for approximately 2.06 per cent of societies’ GST-exclusive gross gaming machine proceeds. With the proposed fees this is forecast to increase to 3.16 per cent of societies’ GST-exclusive gross proceeds in 2015/16.

Total revenue from casino fees is not proposed to change, but some casinos will pay more or less than currently, based on their relative size and the estimated costs of regulating each casino.

Consultation on the proposed changes and alternative options is open until 13 April 2015.