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7 February 2019

Internal Focus

Just under 400 PhD students gave flash talks, poster presentations and auditorium presentations as the PhD programme at Health held its annual PhD Day. Watch the short video from the day and get a feel for the atmosphere.

Travel grants strengthen cooperation with the University of São Paulo
During last autumn, employees and PhD students at Health had the opportunity to apply for funding to either visit or receive a visit from the University of São Paulo. Find out who the funding was awarded to and what a travel grant could mean for the recipients.

Seminar: How we create a more sustainable AU?
Would you like to contribute to developing sustainable initiatives at AU? Join us for a sustainability seminar 21 March. The programme includes inspirational talks, a short presentation of existing sustainable solutions at AU as well as a brainstorm session on ideas for new sustainable solutions. All interested employees and students are welcome.


New director of studies for the dentistry degree programme
From 1 February 2019, Associate Professor Irene Dige is new director of studies at the Department of Dentistry and Oral Health. As director of studies, she is responsible for the dentistry degree programme at both Bachelor’s and Master’s level.

Looking for inspiration for your teaching?
Or want some help translating your ideas into practice? Then come along to Health’s EDU IT Week from 8-12 April 2019. You can learn something new, exchange ideas with colleagues and get help from the Centre for Health Sciences Education (CESU).

People news

VIDEO: Meet Health’s PhD supervisor of the year
The PhD Association at Health awards the annual JCD Prize to a particularly committed PhD supervisor. Only PhD students can recommend candidates and select the winner; this year the award went to Professor Ole Mors from the Department of Clinical Medicine.

Three talents from Aarhus University share prestigious research scholarship
Three PhD students from Health at Aarhus University share the sought-after Fogh-Nielsen scholarship. The scholarship totals DKK 125,000 and is awarded to outstanding PhD researchers.

Researchers from the Department of Clinical Medicine receive grant towards research into chronic lower back pain
Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital are receiving DKK 7.3 million from the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s special pool. The grant will be used for research into the treatment of chronic lower back pain.

Arguments are what counts – not opinions
Professor and genetic researcher Jakob Giehm Mikkelsen from the Department of Biomedicine is about to become a member of the Danish Council on Ethics –at a time when many researchers and laymen have strong opinions about genetic engineering. However, Jacob Giehm Mikkelsen is personally more interested in arguments rather than personal viewpoints.

Major grant towards research into polycystic kidney disease (PKD)
Researchers at Aarhus University have received DKK three million towards a project that will conduct research into preventing and treating polycystic kidney disease.


Debate: Deans of health say to the government: don’t forget about research
It is important that the medical degree programme continues its close affiliation with the research-intensive, clinical units and research environments at the universities and hospitals, write Denmark’s four deans of health.

Debate: The four deans of health: Remember the dentists in the closer to home healthcare service
Dental care and treatment must be integrated into the strategy for a unified closer to home healthcare service, write the country's four deans of health. They also present four suggestions for how this can be achieved.

Upcoming events

PhD defence: Brigitta Villumsen
PhD defence: Louise Grode
PhD defence: Ingrid Annette Zøylner

You can find further PhD defences, inaugural lectures and other events in Health's calendar

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