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24 February 2017

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2016 Gambling Sector Survey report

The 2016 Gambling Sector Survey summary of findings is now available on our website. This survey, undertaken annually, is a valuable way for us to measure how our strategic direction and work as the gambling regulator is perceived in the class 4 sector.

This survey was the first to assess how stakeholders view our approach to regulation using the vision and objectives to drive our work. We will continue to test our progress against a set standard of questions in following years.

Responses to the three questions relating to our vision received increased levels of agreement compared to last year. The most positive response was around the sector working constructively with the regulator to achieve compliance. Seventy three per cent of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with this statement. This is particularly pleasing as it reflects the progress we have made to change how we engage and collaborate with stakeholders, and the willingness of the sector to work openly with us.

Seventy per cent agree or strongly agree that we are meeting our objective of establishing licensing as an effective gateway to the gambling sector, while 50 per cent of respondents agree or strongly agree that we are striking the right balance between minimising harm, sustainable funding for communities and sector sustainability. This is an area that we all will need to continue to focus on to ensure we are working towards our shared objective of benefiting and protecting communities.

We would like to thank those who took the time to complete the survey and to those who continue to engage with us in a constructive way.