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3 February 2016

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Gaming machine expenditure up over 2015

Shortly we will be issuing a media release on Class 4 gambling expenditure statistics for the last quarter of 2015.

Our figures show that between the third and fourth quarters of 2015 spending rose more than $900,000, from $213.5 million at the end of September to $214.4 million at 31 December 2015.

Despite there being fewer licence holders, gambling venues and gaming machines compared with the previous 12 months, gaming machine expenditure in the year ended December 2015 was up two per cent on the previous year, from $811.4m to $828m.

Read the media release.

Further information, including numbers of venues, machines and expenditure by territorial authority and changes in the quarter, is available on our Gaming Statistics web page. The figures are based on territorial authority boundaries, including Auckland city.