Progress Matters.

Thank you to all those people who replied to our last Progress Matters and obtained our free whitepapers on 'Interpersonal Skills and Management Performance' and 'The Key to Sales success'.  I hope you enjoyed reading, learning and expanding your organisational toolkit with this highly effective information and knowledge.

It seems that many of you are keen to learn more about our new Social Style and Versatility Mastery Programs, plus our powerful 1:1 coaching options.  You have also indicated to me that you really want to learn more about how to increase your interpersonal effectiveness in the workplace to make your job easier!

Each Progress Matters will now include a Social Style tip that will help you develop the knowledge to understand the Platinum Rule of “Treat people the way they like to be treated” a topic we covered in our last Progress Matters.

Amiable Style Tip

Amiable Style people are motivated to form good relationships, so they are typically open to establishing good rapport when meeting new people. These individuals look for others to be genuine and sincere, and they are often quick to judge people on these traits. Be open to sharing something about yourself with these people. It doesn’t have to be overly personal, but just something interesting or unique about your life will do. This communicates that you are open and trusting, and will help these individuals to have confidence in their relationship with you. You will know that these people are actively engaged in conversation when they are freely sharing their opinions and are lively and animated. Copyright The TRACOM Group

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