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28 September 2015

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Submissions on Class 4 Game Rules closing

The consultation period on proposed changes to the Class 4 Game Rules ends this Friday, 2 October 2015.

If you wish to make a submission, and haven’t done so already, please email it to class4.gamerules@dia.govt.nz by the end of the week.

The Game Rules regulate the function and operation of gaming machines at venues, including player activity.

The proposed revised Game Rules and the consultation document are available on our website.

As many of you know, the proposed changes follow work by the Department with a group of Class 4 sector stakeholders. The aim has been to produce revised “fit for purpose” Game Rules. The resulting draft is substantially shorter than the 2006 version!

We are keen to receive feedback on these Game Rules from those affected by, or with an interest in them and we look forward to receiving your submission.

Please note that all submissions may be made publicly available. Even if you request confidentiality, we might have to release your submission if someone makes a request under the Official Information Act.