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Welcome to the March Ian Grant's Caravans E-Newsletter!

This year marks a new era for Ian Grant's Caravans as we make significant changes to our dealership arrangements and welcome stunning new caravans from our friends at Franklin and Essential.  We are very excited to show these vans to you and we expect you to be as impressed as we are in their quality and affordability.

Fantastic Franklins

Franklin Caravans

It might be a traditional caravan brand but the stunning new range of Franklin Caravans at Ian Grant's Caravans showcases the best that modern vans have to offer.

From the smaller 12’ Iconic van, to the Arrow and X-Factor and the Family G2 models, the Franklin vans – brought to us by the people who manufacture Concept Caravans – are sure to meet the needs of all caravan customers.

Essential Arrives

Essential Caravans

A great caravan is essential for a great caravanning experience and that is what you are getting with the exciting new range of Essential-made caravans at Ian Grant's Caravans in Traralgon West.

A new kid on the manufacturing block, Essential Caravans combines the talents of individuals with great experience building vans for some of the biggest names around.

Essential Caravans now bring that expertise to Ian Grant's customers with an expanded range of the very popular Grant Cruiser caravan.  Previously built by Condor Caravans, the team at Essential has taken a great van and made it even better.

Upgraded leather upholstery, IBIS 3 air-con, quality cupboard furniture and hardware and a galvanised tunnel boot are just some of the improvements in the Series 2 Grant Cruiser. 

Together with 130w solar panel, a full oven and reverse camera system, the Grant Cruiser now competes with the best vans around for features and value for money.

Dealership Changes

The New Year has brought significant changes to Ian Grant's Caravans with the arrival of Essential Caravans and our new Franklin range of caravans.

However we bid farewell to our friends at Royal Flair after a long and prosperous relationship of over 20 years.  What Royal Flair stock we have in the yard is now available at clearance prices and on-going warranty work means we will still have day-to-day dealings with the Royal Flair team.

Similarly we will wind up our relationship with Nova Caravans once the last Nova stock vans are purchased.  We certainly wish these manufacturers the very best as they plan for the years ahead.

New Spare Parts Store

Customers needing spare parts and caravan accessories will enjoy the spacious new surroundings of the brand new Service and Spare Parts centre at Ian Grant's Caravans.

Stocking the latest spares from suppliers such as Camec, Aussie Traveller, Dometic, Tebbs and a host of others, the newly renovated store will service your every caravanning need.  Also comprising the Ian Grant's Caravans Service department, this new store is another step forward for customers and employees alike.

So come and meet Cindy at the new Spare Parts store where you will be looked after with the customary quality service that exemplifies Ian Grant's Caravans.  Watch out for the new on-line ordering system - coming soon!

If you are getting your van serviced or wish to enquire about upgrading your existing van, talk to Matt Davis, our Service Manager, on (03) 5174 1381.

..and finally, come to OUR Local Caravan Show!

From Thursday 17 March to Sunday 20 March, Ian Grant's Caravans will throw its doors open to customers with deals on a wide range of new and used caravans.

This once-yearly event will showcase our brand new and pre-loved vans across all styles, shapes and sizes.  There is a van for you at Ian Grant's Caravans and if we haven’t got one, we can keep an eye out for a future trade that might suit your needs.

If you’re looking to trade up to an ensuite van or a rugged off roader, we have a van for you.  If the ol’ faithful has served you well, we’ll work with you to select a van to suit your specific needs.  With a range of upgrade options and a Spare Parts shop close by, you will get first class service at Ian Grant's Caravans.

So don’t forget – 17 to 20 March 2016 - join in the four days of fun, sausage sizzles and great bargains.