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CELEBRATING 25 YEARSIt’s been another exciting quarter here at Smith and Partners with the launch of the 2013 round of the Smith and Partners Law Scholarships, and another great Future Leaders of West Auckland event.

In April, as part of our involvement with Business Mentors NZ, we hosted the West Auckland Business Mentors for morning tea. It was wonderful to meet the amazing people who volunteer their time to help assist West Aucklanders to grow and develop their businesses. You can learn more about having a mentor for your business, or becoming a mentor by emailing

As the year creeps on we’re getting closer to our impending birthday – Smith and Partners will be 25 years old in October! Peter began Smith and Partners in 1988 with 10 staff. Today we’ve grown to a team of over 30.

To commemorate our birthday Smith and Partners is celebrating 25 ways we’re giving back to West Auckland business and community – you can check out 25 for 25 at There are a couple of projects still in the pipeline that we’re hoping to launch in the upcoming quarter – stay tuned!

We hope you all stay safe and warm this winter.


Peter, Greg, Wade & Ruth
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