Success at the IOM3 Conference

NUVO Rubber Compounders™ recently took part in the 22nd National Rubber Conference hosted by IOM3 at Cathedral Peak Hotel in the Drakensberg. The event was attended by delegates from rubber companies from around the globe and served as the perfect occasion for NUVO™ to present their newly launched brand identity and vision to the rubber world.

The conference included two days of paper presentations from various companies and research institutions.  NUVO™’s Production Manager, Donal Ryan presented his paper on “Optimising Rubber Compound Mixing Conditions, Mechanical Properties, and Batch-to-Batch Consistency using a Rubber Process Analyser”. Donal demonstrated how NUVO™ have propelled themselves to the cutting edge of rubber compounding research through use of their state-of-the-art laboratory and mixing facilities.

Test data on a selection of situations where NUVO™ have used their RPA 3000 rheometer to enhance compound properties, optimise mixer performance and ensure that their customers receive top quality compound on an ongoing basis was also presented to the audience.  Donal’s paper received the award for the Best Local Presentation at the conference.

Montech Rubber Process Analyser and NUVO™ laboratory testing equipment.



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