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Indonesia Tax Amnesty

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Are you Thinking about joining the Tax Amnesty?


In cooperation with Roedl & Partner, PRIME Consultancy is offering gaining an overview of whether or not the Tax Amnesty Law ("the Law”) that became effective as of 1 July 2016 could be of interest for corporate or private tax payers. It is widely promoted that this Law is aiming to increase tax revenues, broadening the tax base and accelerate economic growth for the country. However, from the taxpayers point of view it can also clean up potentially troublesome history by limiting the auditable time-frame down to 1st January 2016 onwards only, if handled with care.


Should you be interested in discussing your case because of being unsure about assets to declare, redemption amounts to get sanctioned with or how to manage such a reporting process safely please don’t hesitate to contact me at jochen.sautter@prime-consultancy.com. I will be happy to set up a meeting with the experts in due course.

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Jochen Sautter                       
President Director