Nek Chand Foundation seeks volunteers
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The Nek Chand Foundation is seeking international volunteers to work at the Rock Garden in Chandigarh, India, from November 2–28, 2015.

Please apply through the NCF website using their volunteer application form.

Volunteer group activities had to be suspended for several months due to lack of suitable on-site accommodation. NCF founder John Maizels visited Chandigarh in June 2015 to attend ceremonies to mark the passing of Nek Chand. During his time in Chandigarh John held talks with local activists and city authorities which has brought positive results. The NCF will be happy to welcome more volunteers this November.

NCF volunteer groups had been making bi-annual visits to the Rock Garden for around 15 years before the recent suspension, and have carried out a variety of tasks including repairing statues, making mosaics, cleaning the Garden and contacting media. For a description of these tasks please click here.

Volunteers are responsible for paying their own travel costs and £350/$540 to the Nek Chand Foundation. Lunch, dinner and accommodation is provided by the Rock Garden. For visa and travel information, please click here.

Click here for more information on the Nek Chand Foundation.