Just popping in to let you know that our Cube survey for Innistrad: Crimson Vow is out! Get your responses in this week to make sure they are included in our forthcoming prospective article.

We're also trying something new with how we format the set reviews for the podcast. As always, the first Crimson Vow episode was all about the mechanics, themes, and cycles in the set from a game design perspective. However, this time around, we've recorded a separate episode discussing all the cards Anthony and I are testing in our own cubes. That means that the third and final episode for Crimson Vow will be focused on just the results from the community survey.

We're also accepting voice memo hot takes for our community review episode. We're recording the episode soon, so this is the absolute last call to get them in! Just respond to this email and attach your 30-60 second voice memo.


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