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Partners' Responses Can Affect Women's Experiences of Sexual Pain

The cognitions of a woman's male partner may affect the intensity of her entry dyspareunia pain, a recent study has shown.

A woman may have increased pain if her partner catastrophizes more and has lower levels of partner-perceived self-efficacy.

Entry dyspareunia is painful intercourse that starts with penetration. It is estimated to affect 21% of women.

A group of Canadian researchers worked with 179 heterosexual couples in which the woman had entry dyspareunia. The mean age of the women was 31 years. For men, it was 33 years.

The women completed a variety of assessment tools designed to evaluate pain intensity, sexual function, sexual satisfaction, catastrophizing, and self-efficacy. Men's catastrophizing and views on his female partner's self-efficacy were also assessed.

After controlling for the woman's catastrophizing and self-efficacy, the researchers found that the women's pain was less intense when their partners had higher levels of partner-perceived self-efficacy and lower levels of catastrophizing.

It's possible that a man's catastrophizing may increase a woman's pain by making her more aware of it. 

The authors noted the importance of the couple's relationship when treating women with entry dyspareunia. 

“Explaining to the couple how they both have a role to play in the experience of entry dyspareunia pain may serve to increase partner implication in treatment, diminish the identified patient’s feelings of guilt, and help in motivation toward change,” they wrote.

The study was published online in June in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.  Please click here for more details.

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