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Food Safety Updates

New Food Legislation is coming

Are you aware of the new "Food Information Regulations 2013"? Coming in to force in December 2014, they affect restaurants, cafe`s, takeaways, schools, - anywhere that is a food business. One of the most significant changes concerns labelling of allergens. From December, a food business must have a system in place for identifying all of the ingredients in every dish that they serve. This may be a combination of ingredients lists, clear communication with customers regarding the presence of allergens, labelling and signage, amongst other controls. For guidance on the new regulation click here


Food Safety Updates

Are you aware of the latest E.coli O157 guidance?

The E.coli 0157 guidance, produced by the FSA requires strict procedures to be in place where both raw and ready-to-eat foods are produced. There is a lot of focus on the controls required regarding hand-washing, separation of raw and ready-to-eat foods, cleaning methods and disinfectants being used, and cleaning cloths amongst other things. Check out the full guidance and the latest questions and answers regarding the guidance:

E.coli O157: Control of Cross-Contamination - Full guidance

Q & A on the guidance on the controlling the risk of cross-contamination from E.coli O157


In the news recently

Food Safety Prosecution


An owner has been fined £10,000 for food hygiene offences, click here