Key changes to the Iowa & Illinois Residential Programs document
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Important Reminders and Changes to 2017 Program

At the recent fall trade ally meetings, we shared program changes for 2017. Based on feedback from these meetings, we have made the following updates to this document:

  • The eligible DLC Primary Use Designations for each nonresidential lighting measure have been added
    • If your equipment is not included in one of the eligible DLC Primary Use Designations, they do not qualify for that nonresidential lighting rebate
    • An example measure of an eligible DLC Primary Use Designation from the DLC website is included on page 4
  • Eligible LED Troffers and Retrofit kits do not include strip style fixtures
  • LED Surface and Hanging/Suspended Linear Fixtures is now LED Hanging/Suspended Linear Fixtures with Indirect Components
  • LED High Bay Fixtures and Retrofit kits lowest lumen measure is ≤15,000 (not <15,000)
  • Wall Pack Fixtures lowest lumen measure is ≤10,000 (not <10,000)
  • LED Outdoor Fixtures lowest lumen measure is ≤10,000 (not <10,000)
  • LED High-Bay Fixtures, LED Wall Pack fixtures, LED Outdoor Area Lighting, Exterior LED Fuel Pump Canopy and Muni-Owned LED Roadway Fixtures that are >400 watts do not qualify for prescriptive incentives, but can be evaluated through the Nonresidential Equipment Custom Systems program
  • Linear Fluorescent Lighting and High-Efficiency Metal Halides have been discontinued and these measures no longer qualify for a prescriptive or custom incentive
  • On page 9, we have listed the eligibility guidelines for applying for 2016 nonresidential rebates

Equipment rebate note: For all equipment rebate applications, customer (internal) labor will not be included in total project cost. Only external labor will be included.

The trade ally breakout session slides for “Prescriptive Residential and Nonresidential programs” are available at


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