CBS Alumni Update #10 September 2016

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CBS Alumni Update #10

Committed alumni are essential

When companies develop strong ties to alumni, there are rewards to reap - for the companies as well as alumni themselves. That is the conclusion of a recent research project in which Assistant Professor Florence Villesèche was involved. (Photo: Barbara Regina Grübel)

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Survey: Close relationship between CBS and alumni

Alumni feel a strong connection to CBS, shows a survey which 1,250 alumni recently responded to. See what your fellow alumni think of their relationship to CBS and how they want to celebrate CBS’ 100th anniversary in 2017. (Photo: Bjarke MacCarthy)

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In Your Own Words: Marie Bach Nielsen, Art Space Producer

2 + 2 may be 5 and q, and yes - it is possible to find your future career path by asking random people in a coffee shop what they do for a living. Art Space Producer Marie Bach Nielsen is living proof that all of these things can be done. (Private photo)

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