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ISSM Special Awards

We're pleased to announce the winners of these ISSM Special Awards, given at the World Meeting on Sexual Medicine held in Chicago last August:

ISSM Lifetime Achievement Award

Ira D. Sharlip, MD

ISSM Special Service Award

Ronald W. Lewis, MD

ISSM President's Leadership Award

John D. Dean, MBBS, FRCGP

Congratulations to all!

World Meeting on Sexual Medicine - Official Video Clip Now Available

Check out the video clip below to see a quick overview of the World Meeting on Sexual Medicine and footage of your colleagues in Chicago! The clip, including a full-screen version, can also be accessed from the meeting website here


Risk Factors and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Brazilian and American researchers have investigated how modifying risk factors may help alleviate erectile dysfunction (ED). They concluded that, "while intriguing, most of the literature and evidence is not completely scientifically compelling.”

The researchers conducted a literature review and focused on factors such as physical activity, weight loss, smoking, diet, and diabetes control, among others. In their report, they discuss challenges in the research, such as the fact that weight loss and physical activity are “difficult to separate.”

The study was first published online in the Journal of Sexual Medicine on September 12, 2012. To learn more. please click here.

New on the Member Forum

ISSM members are discussing some interesting new topics on the Member Forum this week, including genital lichen sclerosus and post-orgasmic illness syndrome. Click here to participate! You can also browse other topics and start your own conversation.

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