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This daring book presents many works that until now have only been seen in private collections or museum vaults. Works by well known outsider artists and new discoveries express their personal interpretations of sexual desire and activity.

Over 50 outsider and self-taught artists tackle expressions of sex and lust. Their work ranges from depictions of modern sex-folk tales such as the Bobbits or Bill Clinton and Monica, to intimate photographic portraits, rough carvings, kinetic sculptures and startling paintings.


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Bill Traylor to be featured in issue 82

Bill Traylor (c.1854–1949) is one of the most important twentieth-century artists from the United States. His mastery of form is exceptional. That he was born a slave in the last century, self-taught, and began drawing with the crudest of tools in his eighties, makes the approximately 15-1800 drawings he produced over a period of about three years all the more remarkable.

In his early eighties, Traylor moved to Montgomery, Alabama where one day he picked up a pencil and a scrap of cardboard, and began to draw. His subjects were the people he saw on the street, animals, and objects around him. Traylor's use of space is intriguing, and his restrained use of colour always compelling.

Discover more about Bill Traylor in issue 82 of Raw Vision magazine, out in June/July 2014.

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