Issue 29 | 9th November 2016


RIP Vine. Only a couple of short weeks after we announced the demise of Meerkat, another video app has taken a dive. The platform where users can share six-second-long looping videos was founded in 2012 and snapped up by Twitter prior to its official launch. Vine became a hotbed of creativity that Twitter attempted to tap for potentially lucrative brand partnerships. Last year, it even bought talent agency Niche to help manage them. Much of this talent has been tempted away to YouTube and Snapchat, but was it this alone that killed Vine? Let's find out with the latest issue of Sociable Folktales.

Facebook   Twitter and Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Closure of Vine announced.
  • Moments – one feature that's not going anywhere.
  • More tools to talk to businesses.
  • Instagram
  • Stand-alone app for Windows.
  • Shoppable posts to be tested.
Other Platforms
  • Shazam to launch music video channels.
  • Snapchat makes the first 'welcomed' ads.
  • YouTube 'Spaces' pop-up studio arrives.
  • More control over YouTube comments.
  Emerging Platforms & Tech
  • Sunglasses that capture 360˚ video wherever you go.
  • Vine founders launch Hype – a new live video app.
  • Apple's new Touch Bar.
Social Media Items of Interest
  • Great Australian underwear ad shows what 'the boys' go through.
  • 18 fan favourite Vines.
  • The most viewed Vines and what we can learn from them.
  • Why did Vine die?
  • What the internet is losing with Vine's shutdown.
  • Did Twitter's identity crisis kill Vine?
  • Vine's founder regrets selling to Twitter.
  • How many hashtags should you use to optimise reach?
  • The #MannequinChallenge stops people in their tracks.
  • A grandmother calls for 'Emoldjis' to reflect older people's lives.
  • Brands urged to stop advertising with Daily Mail over Article 50 front page.
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