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14 June 2016

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New Equipment Standard for Ticket-Out Payment Systems

Last month the Department made a new equipment standard and additional amendments to the game rules to allow Cash-In-Ticket-Out (CITO) payment systems on Class 4 Gaming Machines. The standard and rules were notified in the New Zealand Gazette on 9 June 2016, and came into effect on 10 June 2016.

CITO systems are ticket-out only: players are still required to insert cash into the gaming machines in order to play. Payments (i.e. cashing out credits or prizes) are made through a ticket printed out at the machine, and redeemed with the venue cashier.

Any CITO system would be completely voluntary. It is entirely up to the gaming machine operator to decide whether or not to buy and use any system.

Trials are likely to be conducted for the first CITO system from each manufacturer for approval under the standard. This is to ensure the integrity and simplicity of installation and operation by both the society and venue under actual normal operating conditions.  A trial period is normally about 30 days.

Once a successful trial is completed the equipment can then be marketed for general use. An approval does not necessarily mean that the equipment is appropriate in all circumstances with respect to being Actual, Reasonable and Necessary (ARN). Societies must also ensure all expenses meet the ARN test prior to purchase.

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