Hey there,

It's Andy from Lucky Paper with another sporadic edition of the Lucky Paper Newsletter. We have a special guest on this week's episode of Lucky Paper Radio — Justin Parnell joins us to talk about the early days of Cube and how he approaches the format. Anthony and I have also finally gotten our act together and made a proper trailer for the show, which you can find on the podcast homepage. If you haven't listened yet because you're unwilling to commit an hour of your life to a podcast episode that might be hosted by uncharismatic idiots, now you can get a feel for the show in just 90 seconds. It's also a great way to share the show with others.

I don't want you to feel like this newsletter is just a press release, so I've also gotten permission to share a little teaser of something we've been working really hard on for months (or years, depending on how you look at it). We're hoping to launch it soon and I think you're really going to like it.

Until then,


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