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Scripture in Focus

Upcoming passages at One Place:

March 16: Acts 18-19 (Japhet De Oliveira)

March 23: Acts 20 (Japhet De Oliveira) 

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Tithe and Offerings Report

Last week our offering totaled $921.00

Thank you for your continued financial support.

Baptismal Candidates at One Place

Be sure to join us this Sabbath and next as Newbold Auditorium hosts a baptism for Chloe Daniels on March 16 (11:45 service) and Vivianne Plue on March 26 (10:00am service). We hope that you will be in attendance as our community grows in the name of the Father, the Beautiful Son, and the Holy Spirit.

If you are interested in learning more about baptism or would like to begin preparing for baptism, please contact any of the One Place pastoral team or pastoral intern, Kyle Dever.

Lost and Found @ One Place

Have you lost something inside of Buller Hall and wondered where it is? Maybe, just maybe, it's taking up space in the box we've created in the storage room of Newbold Auditorium! We'd love to be able to reconnect you to your possessions, and stop the seemingly endless collection of trinkets, gloves, scarves, purses, and bibles. 

If you think One Place may temporarily own something of yours, contact our pastoral intern, Brittany Culpepper.

Easter Weekend Planning

We hope that you will consider spending Easter weekend with your One Place community for three days of worship, praise, and celebration. 

Thursday, March 28 (6:30pm)

Agape Feast in Campus Center at Andrews University
Message: Dave Ferguson

Friday, March 29 (7:30pm)

University Vepsers at Pioneer Memorial Church
Message: Mark Finley

Saturday, March 30 (10:00am / 11:45am)  

Sabbath services at One Place
Message: Kenley Hall

Sunday, March 31  

Easter morning Praise Service in Buller Hall
Message: Susan Zork
Breakfast potluck