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The new age of networking: Using telecom developments to enable great customer service

The new age of networking: Using telecom developments to enable great customer service

Tuesday November 20, 2012
11:30 am 
– 1:15 pm
Metropolitan Conference Centre
333 4th Avenue SW

Recent investment and innovation in telecommunication networking has created a global infrastructure – a powerful business platform that changes how every company competes. This global platform opens up new opportunities for helping your business innovate for success, especially in an increasingly vital area of differentiation: customer service.

Join us as Dean Prevost, president of Allstream, examines these global developments and explains what they mean for companies in Calgary in sectors such as energy, finance and high tech.

Find out how your business can take advantage of these exciting advancements.

Teetering on the brink of prosperity: Economic Outlook 2013

Thursday November 8, 2012
8:30 am 
– 10:00 am
Room 3-
300 Manning Road NE

While Alberta is poised to close out 2012 with strong economic performance, global economic struggles will likely create a “downdraft” that will cool the province’s economy in the year ahead. For 2013, there will likely be a decrease in oil demand as well as prices, leading to a pullback in provincial energy sector development and, as a result, slower economic growth.

Join us as Ben Brunnen, the Calgary Chamber’s chief economist, provides an overview of the state of the economy in 2013, and explains what these developments mean for your business.

Learn more about the major economic developments in 2013.

Human resource essentials for small business

Human resource essentials for small business

Wednesday November 21, 2012
9:00 am 
 10:00 am
Self Connection Books
125, 4611 Bowness Road NW

If you want to grow your business, you need to know how to manage your company’s most important asset – its employees.

In this lecture, Yvonne Silver, a certified human resource specialist with more than 20 years of experience, will help you to manage the people side of your business without the need to hire a dedicated human resource person.

Join us for our latest Streets Smarts for Business lecture and workshop.

Congratulations to Chamber members on Avenue magazine’s Top 40 Under 40

Congratulations to Chamber members on Avenue magazine’s Top 40 Under 40

Last week Avenue magazine announced the Top 40 Under 40 class of 2012, celebrating Calgarians who have made outstanding contributions to our city. The Calgary Chamber is proud to have 10 members in the 2012 list and congratulates them on their achievements in business and the community.

Find out who these great members are and what they have done to be recognized.

Chamber contributes to fed’s pre-budget consultation process

Chamber contributes to fed’s pre-budget consultation process

Last week, Ben Brunnen, chief economist with the Calgary Chamber, presented to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance, which was undertaking its annual pre-budget consultation for 2013.

The Government of Canada regularly seeks input from the Chamber to learn about the concerns of Calgary’s business community. It is likely that the feedback provided by Brunnen will be used by the government when it plans its budget for the coming year.

During his presentation, Brunnen touched on a number of themes, including: reforming parts of Canada’s employment insurance program to encourage labour mobility and enhancing foreign investment rules to encourage investment in the energy sector.

Read Brunnen’s presentation to learn how these recommendations will create a productive and prosperous Canada.

Connect for lunch – speed networking

Connect for lunch – speed networking

Wednesday November 14, 2012
12:00 pm 
 1:00 pm
DeVry Institute of Technology
Room 201
2700 3rd Avenue SE

For networking to be effective, you need to meet the right type of people who will grow and connect your business.

That’s where Connect for Lunch comes in. The format for this event is speed networking. Attendees will get the opportunity to quickly network with each other for two minutes before moving on to the next potential client or customer.

Join us for business networking at its best!

Chamber advocacy work = win for Calgary business

Chamber advocacy work = win for Calgary business

The Calgary Chamber is often invited by government to offer opinion and feedback on all types of business issues.

We use these opportunities to talk about the concerns of both our members and the Calgary business community. Through this work we help to influence the development of policy to improve the business environment for companies in Alberta. In the past few weeks, our work has yielded important results – enhancing productivity for research companies through better tax credits and streamlining the approval process of oil and gas mega projects.

Learn more about how the Chamber’s work has helped businesses throughout Alberta.

Romney vs. Obama: Who is better for Alberta?

Every week the Calgary Chamber’s chief economist Ben Brunnen examines a recent development in the economy in his Breaking it Down for Business video series, and explains what it means for business in our city.

This week Brunnen looks the U.S. election – examining what each of candidate’s stance on U.S. energy imports and Canadian oil could mean for Alberta’s oil patch.

Find out what a Mitt Romney or Barack Obama election win would mean for Alberta.

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