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Night at the Museum Wrap Up

Volunteers from the Friendship Centre

The evening of February 16th was a fabulous success as we saw 90 families - over 300 people - come through the doors for Night at the Museum.  From the moment the event began, museum staff and volunteers hit the ground running (or should I say snowshoeing?), entertaining, educating and feeding a never ending flow of exuberant guests.

To all of the guests and volunteers who came out, we offer an enthusiastic 'Thank You!' and hope that your evening was as fun and memorable as ours was.

Click Here to check out photos of the event on Facebook and if you have picturess of the event, please share them in the album as well, we would love to see them.

1st Annual Basement Tour

1st Annual Basement Tour

Go where few have gone before and discover historic local gems.

Only about 17% of the museum’s entire collection is on public display at any given time, this is why, on March 29th at 7:00pm, the Edson and District Historical Society invites you to participate in their first annual Behind the Scenes Basement Tour. 

Don the white gloves and make yours a tactile experience.  Make sense of the tangle of switchboard wires, take a peek at the cabinets of the Edson Leader’s first printing press and marvel at what local wildlife has to offer. 

Space is limited, so call in advance to register (780-723-5696).  Admission is $10 a person and snacks will be provided after the tour.

Coming April, 2014

Prince Leo Galitzine

Edson has had its brushes with royalty.  Whistlestop visits from London’s royal family are definitely noteworthy but did you know:

Once upon a time there was a Russian prince...

Join us for a walk down royal lane and meet Prince Leo Galitzine, furrier, local air tycoon, prospector and actor.  Where did he live?  What happened to the princess?  Join us in a game of ‘Where’s Galitzine?’ as we watch The Chocolate Soldier on the museum’s big screen.

Date and time for this event are yet to be determined, so stay tuned for more updates.