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Issue 18   | February 27, 2019

Rave Reviews for the "Untalented"

By Bracha Poyurs and Kaden Balkany, Co-Emcees


This past week, to celebrate Purim Katan, students at Derech Emunah had a great time putting on a one of a kind show. Instead of an ordinary talent show, we decided to mix in up in the spirit of "Vinahapachu" (Hebrew word for 'let's turn things upside down') and do an "Untalented" show.


One by one, students signed up to present their best "un-talents." Everything ranging from blind-makeup applications to Shidduch crisis songs was performed. The result was a continuous roar of laughter from the audience throughout the show. Delicious Hamantashen were handed out as a snack while we were entertained by each act.


The show began with a dramatic reading of two songs performed beautifully by Rosie Marasow and Kaden Balkany. The next act, an acrobatic routine by Saralah Bresler and Rachel Eisenstein mesmerized us.


After a hilariously, messy, blind-makeup routine executed on Miriam Klitzner by Tali Margolese and Ellie Babani, the emcees, Bracha Poyurs and Kaden Balkany, performed a Laffy Taffy joke comedy routine. Following the jokes, our very own Madricha, Shira Devora Steinberg, showed us how to curl Payot.


The show took a musical turn with the rap performance of the life of Rambam by Tali Margolese and Yael Genauer, followed by a hilarious homework song by Shira Devora Steinberg. and ending with a beautiful ballad that perfectly summed up the Shidduch crisis, sung by Rosie Marasow and Tali Margolese.


Next, we listened to a poetry reading by Shoshana Ghanooni and then laughed at a gibberish conversation between Miriam Condiotty and Shoshana Ghanooni. The show ended with a very humorous comic skit acted out by Ellie Babani and Miriam Condiotty.


Our "Untalented Show" ended, leaving the students in high spirits for the rest of the month of Adar.


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