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Fighting the incendiary portrayal of business

Countering the incendiary portrayal of business

The Alberta Government's Power Purchase Agreements lawsuit – naming several of your fellow Calgary Chamber members and two of its own agencies – was an unusual and shocking turn of events in the ongoing political debate over electricity transition in our province.

This action is an affront to some of the basic principles that govern our society and our market, including the dependability of legislation and the sanctity of an agreement. In taking this path, the Government risks discouraging investment in Alberta as well as creating an adversarial relationship with businesses.

Learn more about how the Calgary Chamber is working to ensure fair conditions for growing your business.

Powerful Conversation 2016: Navigating a time of transition and opportunity

Powerful Conversation 2016: Navigating a time of transition and opportunity

Your Calgary Chamber, in partnership with AltaLink, was pleased to host its third annual Powerful Conversation, bringing together senior politicians, business leaders and academic experts to discuss the future trajectory of our energy industry, and how we can best shape it.

This year’s discussion, featuring Paul Caudill, President and CEO of NV Energy, acknowledged the obstacles we collectively face, identified opportunities to capitalize on emerging trends, technologies and resources to address these barriers, and made progress in ensuring that our solutions meet the magnitude of our challenges. 

Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan and its impact on our electricity market was at the top of the agenda, along with a variety of trends and topics that will impact the makeup of province's energy system in the years ahead.

Take a look at the Conversation’s briefing note to learn more about the important issues that could shape the face of our economy in the years to come. 

What Brexit means for your business

What Brexit means for your business

On June 23rd, 2016, British citizens voted in favour of Britain’s exit of the EU. Nicknamed Brexit, the global market's reaction to this referendum's result was immediate and dramatic. Now as the dust settles from this unprecedented decision, the world is finding it very difficult to predict what happens next. 

Read this week's blog to learn what the outcome of the Brexit referendum means for Canada’s trade ties with the UK, and the prospects for Calgary business moving forward.

Meet the Chamber's new Senior Policy Analyst

Meet the Chamber's new Senior Policy Analyst

The Calgary Chamber is very excited to welcome Lauren Webber to the Department of Policy, Research and Government Relations as our new Senior Policy Analyst.

Our advocacy work is one of the most important activities we do to help our members grow and succeed, and Lauren will be a big part of that work moving forward. Her political savvy is going to be invaluable to helping us ensure Calgary continues to be the best place to live, work and grow a business.